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Body Worlds Back at the Science Museum

There are few things more fascinating on Earth than the human body. It’s so complex as a working system it’s awe-inspiring to try and figure out how it all works. The Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul is again offering visitors a chance to see the inner workings of the human body and all its intricate structures. Gunther van Hugens’ Body Works is back at the Science Museum for a limited time, an exhibition any person interested in the physiological workings of the body need to check out.

Anatomist Dr. Gunther von Hagens presents Body Worlds & The Cycle of Life, a variety of new stripped down specimens, real human bodies preserved through the pioneering process of plastination. These bodies are all in different stages of life and different variations of health. This allows visitors to get a fundamental look at the body throughout human development in different stages of aging.

Like the previous traveling Body Worlds, this display has bodies in action poses; a baseball player, a ballet dancer, a male gymnast, a woman in a yoga pose, and even a pair of ice skaters are all featured.

For more information about the exhibit or to reserve yourself tickets, visit the Science Museum page. Reserving tickets is a good idea considering this display is only for a limited time and the first Body Worlds in 2006 was the most popular exhibit in the museum’s history.

Posted on March 09 2013