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5 Great Green Products to Include in a Build

Many home buyers now require more environmentally-friendly products in the construction of their homes. However, while some products are obviously green, others make great contributions to a home’s efficiency without being noticed. Here are some products that can contribute to a more earth-friendly and sustainable home. Wood Look. FSC-certified bamboo plywood and flooring have the look of wood, are urea formaldehyde-free and carry Indoor Advantage Gold and FloorScore certifications. Water Savers. Showerheads with flow rates of 1.5 or 1.75 gpm but feature an oversized 4.4-inch diameter spray head and a pressure-compensating device ensure optimal performance regardless of water pressure. Power Flush. The dual-flush toilets offer users the option of a 0.9-gallon flush for liquid waste or a traditional 1.6 gallons for solid waste. Get Plugged. In. The new
Posted on 26 July 2011

5 Ways to Save on Home Building or Remodeling Projects

Trying to build, or remodel, a home is costly enough. Trying to do one or the other while also trying to finish it with a stylish look without breaking the bank can be more challenging. Here are 5 money-saving tips and tricks picked from Builder magazine’s 10 Ways to Save on Your Interior and Exterior Finishes. Salvage Yards. Reuse centers and salvage yards might not be ideal for high-volume builders, but they are great for small builders and remodelers looking for character-filled architectural elements such as flooring, bath vanities, urns, fireplace mantels, and doors. DIY Frosted Glass. Regular flat glass is boring, but some architects have solved this problem by sandblasting or frosting their own and popping them into cabinet fronts and doors. Frosted glass spray creates a semi-transparent effect, and can be handled in three hours. Hip Faucets.
Posted on 19 July 2011