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5 Residential Design Trends You Won't See in 2011

Builder Magazine recently gave its forecast of residential design themes that are likely to proliferate in the New Year.  Now, they’ve released a list of design fads that likely won’t make appearances in 2011. Here are our Top 5 choices from their list of negative design trends. Trophy Space – Gratuitous volume spaces are getting cut out of plans now that lending standards have tightened and builders are racing to build more affordable, energy efficient homes. Just for Show - Industrial-grade kitchen ranges that never so much as touch a pan or the spa tub in the master bath that the owners never fire up because they don’t want to clean are falling by the wayside. “Use it or lose it” is the new mantra for right-sized kitchens and baths. Greenfield
Posted on 31 December 2010

Residential Design Trends for 2011

New houses are still popping up in the Twin Cities, there are just fewer of them than in years past. With the reduction of quantity has come an emphasis on the qualities of what goes into each home. Builder Magazine Online recently published an article laying out their ideas for 10 Design Trends for 2011 and in the years ahead. Here are our three picks from their list which can be observed in the construction of new Twin Cities housing stock. Portion Control Medium-sized house?  No, wait.  Make that a small, please.  The average house lost a few pounds in the recession and is still managing to keep the weight off as buyers (and banks) avoid biting off more debt than they can chew. “Demand for very large houses over 4,000 square feet remains, but there is a diminishing demand for middle-sized homes,” observes architect Don Taylor of D.W. Taylor Associates in Ellicott City, Md. &ldqu
Posted on 23 December 2010